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– Oct 23rd 2017// Edwin Street Recording Studio, Bury- Mixing a new track with Phil Bulleyment. The name of the song is “Running in Circles”- It’s about the disillusionment of repeated false promises. It has a sort of rallying guitar part in it suggesting that it’s time to take a stand and not just keep sitting on the continuous merry-go-round. It will be available to listen to in the next few weeks once we have added the finishing touched to it.
Photo from the session:

Oct 23rd 2017// The final playlist is unlocked in the Salute Music UK competition. My song “River” (video filmed by my reluctant but gracious dad at our local park), has made it into the Top 100. Voting ends on Friday 27th October, at which point the top 6 tracks will be announced. Vote here.
-Oct 26th 2017// Chorlton, Manchester.*Gig* @ Dulcimer Bar in Chorlton, Manchester. I played there once before… in 2012. Looking forward to seeing if I recognise the place, for ’tis lodged somewhere in my memory vaults. Also looking forward to hearing the other artists perform. Event details here.
-Oct 27th 2017// The Pack Horse, Affetside. ‘Halloween Fright Night’ run by Louis Tappenden. Dressed as a wolf I played a version of ‘Village Moon’… that got some of the finest audience howls it has ever received… and it wasn’t even a full-moon that night. Hats off to all those that accessed their inner-wolf ; ).
Werewolf Music
-Oct 29th 2017// The Interweb. The Final results of the ‘Salute Music UK Top 100’ competition are announced. My song came joint 50th. Really grateful to those who voted, thanks! : ).
Salute Table

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