Conor wrote his first full song when he was 9 in the back of the car on a family holiday, and he’s been writing music ever since. Many of Conor’s songs present unconventional stories or disconcerting paradoxes that run counter to a listener’s expectations. He uses songwriting to untangle questions about a complicated feeling or idea and – sometimes – push the boundaries of acceptability or rationality. 

In his song, ‘Teddy Bear,’ for example, the narrator justifies himself, singing ‘I only killed you ‘cos I loved you.’ And in ‘Dear Joy,’ the protagonist pens a wary lament for his lost Joy – was she a human being, or something more?

Below you can listen to a few examples of Conor’s songs, and stay tuned… he’s always writing.


Conor has performed widely in both small and large venues and both public and private events. Live gigs are on hold at the moment as we all try to stay safe and protect one another from COVID-19, but hopefully there will be more live performances on the horizon. 

In the meantime, you can check out a roster of Conor’s past gigs and tours and watch out for new videos and music to stream — coming soon.


Conor has trained in classical guitar, tenor saxophone, and piano. He is also self-taught in audio production and is currently hard at work mixing his first self-produced album. In addition to songwriting (music/lyrics), he also writes and arranges instrumental music for theatre, podcasts, and film.

Several examples of his instrumental music are available to listen below. 

Coming soon: royalty-free music downloads & bespoke music composition. Get in touch if you are interested in collaborating on an instrumental project.